jooann’s wedding @ CDM, shah alam

vincent soo, 5 ft 2. go to school, in broken shoes

who is he? just about everyone’s favourite teacher in school. 🙂 

he calls me chinkai. and asked about my sister, ‘kailan’ all the time. although he knows fully well i have no sister named after a vegetable cos he knows my whole family. 

i remember him by his famous quirky lines. how he likes using a weird mixture of malay/english when he speaks like, ‘buka page mukasurat seratus sixty tujuh’*. or when a student forgets her books, he will ask her to ‘lain kali letak rumah dalam beg’**. or him forever asking my friend jooann (whose surname is loo), ‘apa loo?’. to which my group of friends always have a ready answer, ‘bukan penyu macam lu’*** (our nickname for him happens to be ninja turtle). i know, horrible convent girls. lol! oh, but how all the girls love him.

one special memory of him that will always remain mine. he was the school’s tennis coach. practices were usually on saturdays and he will cycle to school. so one day while he was busy coaching, i took his bicycle (from the tennis courts) and hid it at the main building together with all the other bicycles at the assembly area. :p i dont know how he knew, but he came after me almost immediately. maybe i had ‘budak jahat’**** tattooed on my forehead. did i get into trouble? hell no. we had a good laugh over it though. 

he’s also solely responsible for putting me right next to my sworn enemy whom i had not spoken to for an entire year in school. perhaps he wanted us to be friends again, perhaps he wanted to watch a dramatic girls’ fight. with him, we will never know for sure. 🙂 

he’s retired now. the last i spoke with him, he told me in his own words that his main activity now is klkk with his wife. when i stupidly asked him what is that, he replied with his ever endearing smug look, ‘kia lai kia ki’*****. fear not, his sense of humour is still intact. 

i would really like to thank him for making the otherwise boring school days bearable. you know what, i have his mobile and i will just text him. hope it’ll make his day since he made mine, back in the good ol’ days of high school. (boring yes, but good considerably). all schools should have teahers like him.

*open to page 167 
** next time, put your house in your bag
*** not a turtle like you
****bad/naughty kid
*****walk here walk there

p/s: for the record, he never once went to school in broken shoes. at least as far as i know.


3 Responses to “jooann’s wedding @ CDM, shah alam”

  1. wah this is like soooo freaking funny lor.

  2. good funny or bad funny?

  3. Good Funny definitely!!!

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